8 new fantastic fonts available

There are now 8 more fonts in the WordItOut collection! We’ve selected a broad variety of fonts, from classic styles to modern ones, giving you maximum choice over how you’d like to express yourself. We’ve searched hard to find those which will work with as many languages as possible, also including many symbols and punctuations marks. Using some of the latest technologies on the web, WordItOut can now help you personalise your word clouds even more than before!

Meet the fantastic fonts

Daniel Essays1743 Gentium Gruenewald-VA Isabella Jura Sniglet Yiggivoo

Make sure you check out our about fonts page, a permanent reference for information about the non-standard fonts. You’ll find lots of interesting things there, such as a little bit about the background of the fonts or why we liked them, who made them (with links) and also their licences. You can even download the fonts and use them on your home computer!

Why we chose them: looks

In addition to our 3 standard fonts, we’ve tried hard to find others which compliment each other, not looking too similar, and so increasing the number of ways in which you can express yourself. There are modern ones, such as Jura and Yiggivoo, which give a clean and smart feel to a word cloud. Gentium gives a very elegant style to any text. For a more historical look, try Isabella (similar to old-fashioned newspapers) or Essays1743, which also looks quite like a typewriter. For handwriting-like fonts, try Gruenewald-VA for a joined-up style or Daniel, which is more casual. Sniglet’s funky look is just indescribably fun!

Why we chose them: liberty

We’ve searched hard to find fonts that are not only great to look at, but those which can be used by as many people as possible. Firstly, you may have noticed that many of the word clouds on WordItOut are not in English, so we wanted to make sure that as many languages as possible were included with the fonts. Gentium is the best for this, whilst Daniel and Sniglet cover the fewest languages.

Another type of liberty is the ability to take the something, improve it and then give it back to the world. This is the philosophy behind open source technology, and it applies to the fonts we’ve used too, thanks to the special licenses given to them. Yes, that’s right, fonts have licenses too!

Go to our about fonts page for more information.

Liberating technology

There are many types of fonts in the world, but until recently, web developers had to use fonts which were already on your computer. That explains why there’s so little variation on so many websites! The @font-face technique sends the fonts from WordItOut to your computer, just like images are sent to you when you’re browsing the web. Now everyone with a modern computer will be able to see the word clouds just as you made them.

See this section if you are having problems.

We hope this latest addition to our growing number of features pleases and inspires you.
If so, please help us spread the word!

Monday 8 March 2010