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Check out our about fonts page for more information.

Languages and their character support by the fonts

Some of the characters look different from the rest of the font

Downloading the word cloud has removed some of the words or letters

We have chosen fonts which include a very wide range of characters so that they will work for as many languages as possible. The vast majority of our users will find their mother tongue fully supported. When viewing on the internet, any missing characters will be displayed with a simpler, default font from your computer, or as a blank if your computer doesn’t have a suitable font. Unfortunately, this does not happen when saving a word cloud as an image.

We are unable to provide full font support for every language, but please contact us if you know any nice fonts with suitable licences that may extend our current selection.

The following list shows the number of glyphs in each font. A glyph is an individual letter, punctuation mark or any character that a font may have.
So the higher the number, the more languages that font supports.

Gentium: 1699 glyphs; Essays1743: 868 glyphs; Isabella: 866 glyphs; Yiggivoo: 733 glyphs; Jura: 730 glyphs; Gruenewald-VA: 424 glyphs; Daniel: 251 glyphs; Sniglet: 207 glyphs.

Browser support of the fonts

Lots of the fonts look the same

Your browser may not be able to load our fonts. The following table should help you determine whether our non-standard fonts are correctly working on your computer:

How the font looks on your computer An image of how the font should look

If you can see all the fonts above correctly but are still having problems elsewhere on the site, then please let us know.

For most people, the fonts above will match, however if you have an old browser version or one with limited capabilities (such as a mobile device), then you may not be able to see the fonts correctly. Perhaps you should consider using our website with some different software (see the ‘Web browser’ section above). We’re sorry for this lack of functionality (we’d like everybody to enjoy our site as it’s meant to!), but we hope you understand that nearly all of our other visitors are able to view the word clouds correctly, and it seems unfair to withold this exciting feature from the majority of the people using WordItOut.


There's a problem with something I bought with Zazzle (T-shirt, mug, ...)

All questions should go directly to Zazzle, as they manufacture the items, and also deal with returns, shipping and so on. You can contact Zazzle here. WordItOut is only responsible for generating the images that Zazzle uses for printing.

Images are subject to some of the font and language restrictions explained on this page (see above). Zazzle’s website will show you a preview of the final product before you make a purchase. You can also download the word cloud as an image to see if it comes out correctly (note that we do not add the watermark logo on the Zazzle images).


I've embedded the code, where's the word cloud?

You need to make sure that you are allowed to put JavaScript on your website or blog. Sometimes, your provider will automatically remove JavaScript or simply show it as normal text. This is often for security reasons, as damage could be done by malicious websites (unlike us!). See the help section from your site and look at how to post JavaScript.


Some of the characters I wanted to search for have been removed

The search engine automatically deletes certain characters and you cannot search for them.

Making a word cloud

A word in the original text has disappeared

Common words are automatically removed from the source text by default. Under ‘Settings’ for the source, you can alter this list of words.

All the numbers / punctuation marks have gone

By default, characters and symbols are filtered from the source text. To stop this, click on ‘Settings’ for the source and clear the textbox with the characters to be removed.

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