How a new page layout makes word cloud generating easier than ever

An overhaul of the Create page helps you make word clouds with more control and less effort. So what has changed and why is it better?

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Now over 10 000 word clouds!

Just a quick note to say thank you to everybody using WordItOut!! We’ve just passed the 10 000th word cloud mark, and that’s thanks to you guys! There haven’t been many noticeable updates on the site recently, but we’ve been working hard away in the back and hope to add some more features soon.

Thanks again to you. If you like our site, please help us by telling your friends about it.

Get any word cloud printed on T-shirts, mugs and more...

Spread this exciting news: WordItOut is the only word cloud generator where you can get your own copy of any word cloud on many items, including clothes, bags, cards and so much more. A great idea whether you want to make a present for someone special or simply express yourself in a unique way! It's easy to do: simply visit the page of a word cloud and follow the links. Check it out - fantastic value and available worldwide!

Get your word cloud on a top, mug, photo and more

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Download and save your word clouds as images

You can now download word clouds from WordItOut on to your computer. This will make putting them inside other documents even easier. It’s also ideal if you want to print them. Or maybe you just want to keep your own personal copy at home.

Simply go to your favourite word cloud and click on the ‘Download’ button.

8 new fantastic fonts available

There are now 8 more fonts in the WordItOut collection! We’ve selected a broad variety of fonts, from classic styles to modern ones, giving you maximum choice over how you’d like to express yourself. We’ve searched hard to find those which will work with as many languages as possible, also including many symbols and punctuations marks. Using some of the latest technologies on the web, WordItOut can now help you personalise your word clouds even more than before!

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Profanity filter: removing English swear words

It’s not nice to be browsing your favourite word clouds and suddenly see a rude word appear. Now WordItOut will filter out such word clouds by default. Of course, you still have the freedom to see these word clouds if you want to. Details of our approach is outlined for developers who may be interested.

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