Some very nice people have spent a long time crafting pretty fonts for us all. What's more, they've given special licences to these fonts allowing the whole world to use them under very liberal conditions, comparable to open source software. Here at WordItOut, we take our hats off to these exceptional forgers, and this is where we thank them and give them full credit for their hard work.


Gentium is a world-famous font known for it's elegant design and extremely large character set including many languages, indeed a "typeface for the nations".

Licence: SIL Open Font (OFL)

Essays1743 & Isabella

John Stracke has made two fantastic fonts, both based on actual historic documents, adding a unique charm to these typefaces. He's extended them so that they also include modern and many foreign characters.

Essays1743 homepage Isabella homepage
Licence: GNU Lesser General Public (LGPL)

Gruenewald-VA & Yiggivoo

Peter Wiegel has an extensive collection of fonts, all quite unique and full of character. Gruenewald-VA cleverly joins the letters together, each one precisely drawn just like our teachers taught us! Yiggivoo is quite stylish and compatible with many languages.

Gruenewald-VA homepage Yiggivoo homepage (both in German)
Alternative download in English: Gruenewald-VA Yiggivoo
Licence: GNU General Public (GPL) with font-exception and SIL Open Font License (OFL)


Jura is a smart and clean font that Daniel Johnson came up with whilst working on the very important FreeFont project. WordItOut uses the medium variation.

Licence: SIL Open Font (OFL) for all of the glyphs except the Kayah Li range which comes under the GNU General Public (GPL) with font-exception.


Although he's made a few fonts, Daniel Midgely's handwriting is by far the most popular. It's found all over the world, probably because it's so natural and such a pleasure to read.

Download Daniel from
Licence: None, but the author has clearly expressed free use of this font in the comments from as well as his own blog.


Haley Fiege is a true artist, her awesome website is proof alone of that fact. Her Sniglet font is bold yet soft and sure to put everyone who sees it in a good mood!

Licence: SIL Open Font (OFL)

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Installation guides: Font Squirrel

Behind the scenes @font-face

Most of the time, the fonts you see on the internet actually come from your computer.
However not everybody has the same fonts on their computer, so we've used a new technique on WordItOut to send the fonts to your computer.
Clever huh?

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