WordItOut lets you transform your text into word clouds. You can then save and share them, so everybody can find and enjoy them.


Tag clouds, as often seen on websites, show keyword links to pages within that site. The size of the word indicates the number of relevent pages, giving an intuitive feeling of how popular a certain word is without needing to study any figures. Many of us have seen these on sidebars across the web.

Wordle took this a step further: anybody could create a cloud from your own text. These word clouds vary the size of a word with the number of times it appears in the original text. The popularity of these word clouds grew, as did the variety of their uses. However Wordle uses a different technology to us, and it hasn't adapted to the way people use it, so we hope to offer a complementary service to all word cloud fans...


For more information about the fonts used on this website check out this page.


The magic on this website would not have been possible without the superpowers of jQuery. Many thanks to everybody involved in that project.

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WordItOut is developed by Enideo, a company in Belgium, driven by ideas and results (they're more exciting than programming code!).
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