Using WordItOut

Does WordItOut work on mobile or have an app?

There is currently no app for mobiles, but WordItOut is evolving towards becoming a sophisticated web app that will work on all devices.

You should show the most viewed word clouds for a day/week etc.

Improving how you browse word clouds is already planned, but first new features will be added to make the word clouds look better and be easier to generate.

I'd like to write comments on word clouds / interact more with other users

We're trying to keep everything as simple as possible, and we believe that many users prefer not to have yet another username and password, so for now these functions are not available.

Making a word cloud

Text settings

You should add stemming, to group together words which have small variations but mean the same thing (e.g. create, creates, creating, created, ...)

As a workaround, you could remove the repeated words from the word list and add their frequency to your chosen word. Later we hope to make grouping words together as easy as drag and drop.

However, implementing stemming would restrict this function to known languages which would need very big and complete libraries. This is a huge task we are not looking into for the time being, especially as we don't have the information necessary to do so.

Word cloud settings

You should make vertical and tilted words!

This is planned and will hopefully be released in the coming months.

Make the words fill a particular shape

This is a planned priority and will hopefully be released after the words can be placed in different angles.

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