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Tips: try increasing the size of the word cloud or decreasing the size of the text.


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Make a word cloud

Original source

For example, you could enter a document, a web address (with an associated feed), a simple sentence (with no repeated words), or even a table (common formats are recognised). See our FAQ.
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By applying these settings and re-analysing the original text,
any changes you have made to individual entries on the word list will be lost.

Text settings

Customise settings for how the original text shall be analysed

As your data was in a table format, most of these settings have not been applied.

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Word cloud

Customise how the word cloud will be drawn and decorated





Vary the word size:

Vary word size with:


Background colour:


Blend colours of the words:

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Number of colours:

Colour blending method:


Word cloud margin:
Negative values will allow words to extend beyond the edge of the word cloud

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