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glendale civic

way religions many LOL people holiday Patricia take live holidays about need day please opinion religion Mets days ok being post time right all because number children country someone Jimmy some going Jewish school dont LaMalfa agree Sands religious read over everyone good population mayor NYC want cause Freedom now every around schools wait city Muslims any government article Im public respect one said Let's kids stop here other see Danny idiot America old think more Muslim go love only care well say just support things little Islam racist ISIS really either Glendale Katie know Oh Stier wrong hate like

made 2 minutes ago

Hero Adjectives

stand-tall strong dedicated wise courageous confident noble dauntless bold trustworthy selfless gutsy determined generous lion-hearted compassionate intelligent humble

made 4 minutes ago

rights mob traveled killed NAACP Jones farmers PhillipsCounty sixty-seven freed12men blackdefendants Elaine court attorneys SupremeCourt argued WalterWhite newspapermen 1919 defending February19,1923 riot law Arkansas lynching twelve

made 7 minutes ago

Великая Отечественная война

уверенность страх сражение СПАСИБО славас слава РОССИЯ приближает побежденных победу победить победителей победе ПОБЕДА ПАМЯТЬ Несправедливость Надежда Москва вина ветеран ВЕЛИКАЯ Берлин

made 8 minutes ago


Cossack fade soldier charge knew bare valley sabre sunder'd Cannon Came shot reason broke world wondered guns army sabres dismay'd Honor well league made Plunged Rode Volley'd right onward Noble Boldly thro Sabring stroke jaws Reel'd horse battery-smoke blunder'd Storm'd left Brigade Half reply Light fell Russian glory front fought said Shatter'd shell While wild make Flash'd hero hundred gunners line Death mouth Forward turn'd behind Charging Hell wonder'd Someone back thunder'd

made 10 minutes ago

강한 아빠 daddy inspiring happy loving 아버지 DAD 인정 사랑하는 지원 많은 최고 배려

made 14 minutes ago

Famous Singers

BrunoMars JustinBieber JustinTimberlake SelenaGomez DemiLovato BritneySpears Shakira ChristinaPerry Adele MileyCyrus Eminem MichaelJackson Pitbull TaylorSwift NickiMinaj EnriqueIglesias ChristinaAguilera Beyonce Rihanna UsherRaymond LadyGaga KatyPerry

made 19 minutes ago

Canvas Suit Sandals Footwear Watch Cool Cap Coco-Chanel Sweater Clothes Earrings Jewellery FASHION Boots Bracelet Headgear Helmet Designer

made 28 minutes ago

Cool FASHION Helmet Headgear Bracelet Jewellery Sweater Designer Boots Canvas Clothes Watch Cap Suit Footwear Coco-Chanel Earrings Sandals

made 30 minutes ago

Willing Rational Confident Elite Ambitious Enthusiastic Judicious Ethical

made 32 minutes ago

Oral Communication

open Establish Logical networks Persuading vocabulary language audience intelligence understanding Speaking Confident Emotional use Succinct Ask Appropriate Tailor Integrate needs questions Professional effectively responsively Inspiring Assertive Interesting clarifying clearly directly Passionate Funny body Active learning Negotiating Listening

made 32 minutes ago


Fit-in-with Add-to Slip-on Dress-up Save-up Cut-down Take-back Go-out Put-together Stand-out Keep-up-with Chill-out Break-down Phrasal-Verbs Blow-up Pull-on

made 37 minutes ago

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