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generous charming funny terrific thrilling smart kind Seth truthful caring amazing helpful fast silly

made 14 seconds ago

Goal 5, bullet 1

engage assess faculty instruction director present pilot theories work preliminary concentrations serve support needs teaching within materials reach scholarship centers ourselves next July etc concepts activities digital directives involved Familarize area Create campus curricular initiatives new thinking group library design

made 1 minute ago


discipline father macho bru Brother Surya jothika ad Scandal-free handsome movie smart charming

made 5 minutes ago

joloman a mith

cant real hat/Narnia/gremlins movies/pola animals Fantasy vs monsters Caribbean/hop/saner magic fake craechers exsplaen like words talking aleians stuff pocus/pirates exspress/hocus Fichon clauses/cat surperman mythical

made 5 minutes ago


kind nice calm helpful safe faithful beautiful friendly bright brave funny cheerful quiet happy unique Sarah thoughtful

made 7 minutes ago


Kids WhatsApp post Drugs Relative video facebook message School Poison Ban friend harmful

made 9 minutes ago

Room 2

Mikaeda Nathan Devin Liam Alex Du Emily Arbien Anna Zoey Gloria Alice Aireanna Layla David Logan Merissa Abdoulaye Megan Jefferson Quin Spencer Irene Aleem Kenya Maryam Kaydyn Dailen Yun

made 11 minutes ago


cheerful young elegant Olivia giggly determined learner delightful fine magnificent nice wonderful friendly smart careful silly

made 12 minutes ago


Frozen peter-rabbit Monsters Shrek talking-animals Smurfs Disney Rainbow-magic Toy-story Dr-suss The-lorax Fiction fantasy War-lords Merlin Dragons Unicorn how-to-train-your-dragon Nemo The-wizard-of-oz Tinkerbell peter-pan Shawn-the-sheep pooh-bear talking-plants Minions

made 14 minutes ago


Talking-animals Monsters Special-powers Fairy Fiction Made-up-words-and-places Fantasy Improbable Made-up-elements Magic Time-travel Matilda Imaginative Portals Mythical Pixie Anything-can-happen Dragons Teleport Mystical-creatures

made 17 minutes ago


friendly kind sunny athletic amazing enjoyable silly sassy admirable lovely sweet Shyann person bright good smart helpful clever

made 19 minutes ago


squirt quiet quite quick squeal quit fattest squirm send square

made 21 minutes ago

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