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oceans countries city key Map plants dots highways color landforms states towns locations roads continents thermometers

made 1 minute ago

Schools Equater Oceans Symbols Capitals Compassrose States Nurses Adresses Highways Docters Keys Parks Houses Roads Library's Maps City's Hotpitls

made 1 minute ago

friends best amazing confident likes wears great brilliant talks loves music healthy attitude Imogen eyes awesome lesson sports human sporty brown Clarinet creative Sophia nice short shiny gymnastics sing being really sport good bright fast sometimes sushi think girl athlete gymnast singer friend give everything headbands

made 3 minutes ago

nuage de mots F&M 2015

ambulant Maire Exercice métier TRIBUNAL MARCHES Affichage Sécurité Agriculteur Brocanteur Vente D.L.U.O alimentaire SECURITE A.R.S pesage Concurrence Carte Salubrité RECEVEUR-PLACIER formalité Micro-entrepreneur droit PUBLIC détail Commerçant autorisation OCCUPATION sauvette Justificatifs POLICE Infractions Prix entreprises MUNICIPALE Centre Professionnels République place Réglementation CGCT domaines Instruments FOIRES identité interventions CCI Pêcheur OPJ Producteur Publicité Procureur DOMAINE EXCEPTIONS Commerce D.L.C

made 4 minutes ago

Bulletin Word Cloud

Sub-Saharan business opportunities potential partners trade democracy youth support peace emerging MNCH growth engagement security efforts Canadian Africa DFATD Human Rights work African Union regional focus leaders niche development strategic Canada economic education challenges initiatives investment infrastructure human African other women private impact Africans sector prosperity continent conflict Health governance political social

made 5 minutes ago


Refreshing/ fresh taste Consistency Natural pieces Sweet and sour Berry flavour Natural taste Nourishing/ nutritious Delicate/ mild taste A lot of pieces Big pieces Size of pieces Easy to drink Strawberry pieces Saturated taste Pleasant aftertaste Strawberry flavour Thick/ moderately thick/ not liquid Delicate/ mild consistency Saturated aroma Berry aroma Sour/ moderately sour Wild strawberry flavour Strawberry aroma Creamy taste/ product Light Sweet/ moderately sweet Balanced taste

made 6 minutes ago

Stratégie II

jeunes l'éducation commerce africain canadiennes entreprises l'Union africaine leurs initiatives capacité civile droits parti croissance opportunités démocratie intérêts Afrique économique changements personne subsaharienne régionales leaders produits secteurs gouvernance d'extraction Canada investissements MAECD africains ressources développement l'Afrique économiques santé privé politique partenaires engagement africaine efforts sécurité africaines femmes l'Union africaine effets conflits marchés

made 7 minutes ago


state Maps west north east roads difrentplaces compasrose symbol south city mountan towns streets

made 7 minutes ago


Strawberry pieces Strawberry aroma Berry flavour Pleasant aftertaste Saturated taste Balanced taste Strawberry flavour Consistency Big pieces Natural pieces Size of pieces Saturated aroma Thick/ moderately thick/ not liquid Berry aroma Delicate/ mild consistency Delicate/ mild taste Wild strawberry flavour Sweet and sour Sour/ moderately sour Sweet/ moderately sweet Nourishing/ nutritious A lot of pieces Creamy taste/ product Refreshing/ fresh taste Easy to drink Natural taste Light

made 8 minutes ago


second York n.d MONEY talking channel cut commentary making software Gaming Elgato HD best thing programs Works Ali-A views make network people growth audio recorded playing Game add entertaining called hardware Dir because edit share all now City Giveaway sharing income KontrolFreek good Perf some live Thesis editing YouTube screen video networks revenue need come card partnered one videos music needed increase laptop Another allow cards quality Setup computer basic New viewers capture other gameplay more mic Web microphone rate many record done download games over use BO without only recording play things kame technology ability N.p necessary way able

made 9 minutes ago

God failure dreams sadness American dream The Valley of Ashes hopelessness social classes poverty

made 9 minutes ago


Light Consistency Natural pieces Easy to drink Berry aroma Refreshing/ fresh taste Pleasant aftertaste Delicate/ mild consistency Sweet/ moderately sweet Saturated taste Delicate/ mild taste Strawberry pieces Sour/ moderately sour Saturated aroma Sweet and sour Nourishing/ nutritious Berry flavour Big pieces Strawberry flavour Balanced taste Thick/ moderately thick/ not liquid Creamy taste/ product Strawberry aroma Natural taste

made 10 minutes ago

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