Shutdown Deal Word Cloud

liars Junk kindergartenish lacking Cheated Conflicted hopeful Caved Greedy Grandstanding Childish Defeated Crooks Glad Communism broken Criminal Apathetic contradiction Avoidable FUN Exasperated Band-Aid Bankruptcy Game irritated Failure Embarrassment Irresponsible cowards Angry Absurd Unnecessary Stupid Temporary sellout Sad Expensive Energized Selfish Reprehensible Pathetic FRAUD Profanity Happy Relief Nervous Embarrassed Disappointed Disappointment Criminals Irreversible Embarrassing Exhaustipated Farce Disgraced Indifferent Inevitability Failed CORRUPT Bummer Frustrating Amused Emotional Disregard Benghazi Screwed Joke Scam frustrated Elementary Insolvency disappointing Shameful inflation Dubious Annoyed Impeach Dysfunctional foolish Corruption Ashamed Hypocrisy Fired Disaster Dictatorship Betrayed Doomed insignificant Relieved Disrespect Finally Donkey's Waste Deferred Disgusted Ridiculous Delusional Insanity Idiots

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