Get any word cloud printed on T-shirts, mugs and more...

Spread this exciting news: WordItOut is the only word cloud generator where you can get your own copy of any word cloud on many items, including clothes, bags, cards and so much more. A great idea whether you want to make a present for someone special or simply express yourself in a unique way! It's easy to do: simply visit the page of a word cloud and follow the links. Check it out - fantastic value and available worldwide!

Get your word cloud on a top, mug, photo and more


Custom T-shirts
Personalised presents
Gift mugs

Step by step: How to get your own word cloud item

In association with Zazzle

Make or find a word cloud

You can start by making a word cloud specifically by clicking on 'Create' above. Private word clouds can also be used.

On the other hand, you can choose one that somebody else has already made. There are thousands already here on WordItOut, just start to search for something or simply browse the latest word clouds with the 'Discover' link above.

Once you've chosen the word cloud you would like to get, go to it's main page and scroll down a little until you see the links to Zazzle.

Choose the type of product you would like

When you arrive at Zazzle, you'll see a lot of different items to choose from. The first thing to do is browse through the pages until you see the type of product you would like, for example: a top for men, a printed flyer, a shopping bag and so on.

Optional: Decide on the layout you most like

For some of the items, especially the clothing, there are several layouts to choose from. Do you want the word cloud on the front or on the back? This should be the next choice to make (not the colours or styles!).

Click on the thumbnail of your preferred option

You've now narrowed down the item and layout, but for each option there are four variants. You can decide whether to include the background or the logo, both of them or neither. Prices vary slightly according to your choice.

Select the style, colour and size

Finally, you click on the thumbnail. Now you can choose the style of the product (e.g. T-shirt or sweatshirt, fitted or loose, ...)

Depending on what you choose, you may be able to select different colours and sizes.

You can now add the item to you basket and continue to look for more items or proceed to the checkout.

Optional: modify the design

If you're confident with computers, we've left every design open to personal modification, so that you can tweak it to get that perfect look.

That's it. Hope you have fun and enjoy this new feature. Please help us by clicking on the share icons below so that everybody can enjoy the benefits!

Friday 16 April 2010