All of the Beatles lyrics

door walk let's start stay rock while today since after done yellow together sad came talk kiss die darling once wait buy believe bad care kind forget comes Because anything standing Bungalow trying three na show dead wrong ask Any word nobody saw loving happy understand da many words twist fine someone gone morning thing woman hard free feeling tears coming try Ruby run glad tight goes round goodbye says cool Sitting Mother bring over think feel yeh dance man take more la sun Shout going please away only sing wanna need made look some play Bill loves mm till honey keep remember things here much better though another two Yes mean easy every hide mind cause bye other people hand long gotta hear boy still night hold tonight change real Ooh knew cry leave ever hello good back day name make around let home shake time yeah right said nothing waiting find way tell again ain't one help little never told hey come Ah world always go life head sweet through alone like Cos Well now money blue say about gonna true roll something call baby Oh see before just give eyes heart know want old lonely all love really girl

After reading the article from the Guardian, I thought it would be nice to see how the Beatles lyrics look on WordItOut.
A few of the most common words have been removed. The top 202 words are shown, and they all appear at least 25 times. All of the words are horizontal here but I find that easier to read.

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